Message from the President of GSCLG

Sergio RetamalAs President of the GSCLG, I am extremely pleased to present this year's awards edition of the Global Supply Chain Review. Michael Massetti, Corporate Vice President, Integrated Supply Chain of Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. has been selected as GSCLG’s Supply Chain Executive of the Year.
Michael was chosen as the Executive of the Year based upon the nominations received from our membership for the execution by one of the best overall teams in supply chain, recognized both domestically and internationally. AMD’s supply chain has demonstrated a level of efficiency, professionalism, consistency, and scalability which can be attributed to Michael's leadership. It has become the standard of excellence for other companies to emulate. Michael is by far one of the most approachable and well liked executives of our industry.
Michael is responsible for global supply planning, inventory management and control, customer operations, order management, fulfilment, and the supply chain management infrastructure program.
Michael's experience in supply chain has produced an extensive record of cost reduction, innovative supply chain solutions, and organizational transformation. He led the implementation of a new postponement model in AMD's manufacturing process that reduced inventory and improved factory utilization.
We are delighted to present Michael Massetti as the Supply Chain Executive of the Year, and are delighted to share with our readers an interview with Michael.
We are also pleased to present two compelling articles this month - "Optimizing Supply Chain Performance and Customer Satisfaction: Using Statistical Forecasting and an Innovative Configure-to-Order Process to Improve Critical Operational Metrics" by Michael Massetti and "Five Mistakes Companies Make When Trying to Effectively Manage Supply Chain Risk" by Bindiya Vakil and Hannah Kain.
Sergio Retamal
Publisher, GSC Review
President, GSCLG
November 2011
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