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The Global Supply Chain Leaders Group (GSCLG) is pleased to provide you with access to our complimentary Import Compliance and Essentials of Export Controls webinars. The programs are offer 10 hours of all-inclusive training and can be taken at your own pace. These programs provide you with a free-of-charge and time efficient opportunity to gain knowledge critical to your company's import and export operations.

Import Compliance
Module 1: The Harmonized Tariff Schedule of the United States

Module 2: Duties & Tariff Engineering

Module 3: Import Compliance

Module 4: C-TPAT Security Awareness
Essentials of Export Controls
Module 1: Export Control Basics

Module 2: Classifying your Item and Determining if you need a license

Module 3: General Prohibitions including Prohibited End-users and End-uses & activities

Module 4: Using License Exceptions

Module 5: License Application and Supporting Documentation

Module 6: Export Clearance and Record keeping

Module 7: Introduction to BIS Deemed Export Policies

Module 8: Overview of the Antiboycott Provisions of the Export Administration Regulations
This program is sponsored in part by PO Horizon and by Global4PL Supply Chain Services.

We hope you enjoy these training programs. All we ask is that you complete a short survey at the end.

Thank you for your continued support of the GSCLG. If you have topics for additional training programs please submit your ideas in the suggestion box at http://www.gsclg.com/eCollege.php.

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January 2009
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