Message from the President of GSCLG

SergioRetamalAs supply chain professionals we are expected to deliver results which are difficult to attain under the current market conditions. However, these are the same conditions that will open the doors for you and your organizations to implement new levels of efficiency and creativity which can only be achieved during times of instability. During turbulent times companies must be willing to try different strategies to maintain a competitive advantage.

We at GSCLG Review would like to promote competitive advantage, efficiency and creativity by providing nowledge to those who are just beginning in the supply chain industry and to the C-Level individuals whose own corporations can benefit via an improvement in their supply chains.

GSCLG has expanded its online training library. Complimenting the seminar series on import compliance, we have added modules on the essentials of export controls. Both will enrich your knowledge of the import and export businesses from a compliance perspective.

These training programs provide hours of valuable training, they are completely free, online, and can be completed at your pace. If you are just starting in the supply chain business, go online and deepen your knowledge. If you are the responsible for the efficiency of your company's supply chain, but don't have the budget for training, instruct your teams to go take advantage of the webinars.

Most importantly, we will keep searching for new material to be added to the collection. We are open to suggestions from our readers to determine what is that you want us to provide.

In this issue of the Global Supply Chain Review, we are profiling Jorge Titinger, COO of Verigy, a large, multinational company in the high tech industry. If we aspire to reach the C-Level, we need to know what is required of those positions.

We will continue to profiling high level leaders to ensure that you know who they are, what they do, and how they do it. We can learn from them and prepare ourselves to take on similar positions in the future.

Finally, I would like to say that we have a very timely and timeless article, "Just in Time - Just In Case," which highlights the need for supply chain professionals to prepare for those unexpected events which that will inevitably disrupt the supply chain.

One the GSCLG's goals is to promote the role of supply chain professionals within business organizations that navigate the global market. We are excited to have you as a member of our audience and please don't forget that we are always looking for new leaders to profile, articles to share, and opportunities to enhance your network.

With the start of the New Year, we wish you continued success in your supply chain careers.

Sergio Retamal
President, GSCLG
January 2009
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