Interested In Lowering Your Supply Chain Cost & Increasing Your Compliance?

β€œIn the first month we engaged Global4PL, we were able to implement three cost reduction projects which will result in millions of dollars in savings over the next five years. In addition, we are now able to respond more quickly to our international customers' demands, as we continue to build our business outside the USA. Global4PL has been one of the most cost-efficient service providers that I have ever engaged.”

JB Delaney
Director, Supply Chain, Infinera Corporation, a digital optical communications company

8 Hours of Complimentary Compliance and Cost Reduction
Assessment Offered to Select Organizations

This unique offer includes:

  • Assess current processes and practices to identify potential efficiency improvements to minimize the total cost of your operations, and identify specific ways your company can improve quality and service.

  • Evaluate inbound, outbound, domestic and international transportation strategy and structure to identify areas for cost and efficiency improvements, and

  • Provide you a summary of recommendations to improve quality, service and cost performance of your operation.

If Global4PL identifies opportunities for minimizing risks, achieving cost reduction and improving efficiencies, you will receive our objective, independent review with no obligation

On receipt of our Summary of Recommendations for improvement, you will have the option to engage Global4PL to implement a customized plan of action to maximize efficiencies and realize costs savings – immediately.

Global4PL is an award winning innovative supply chain service provider focused on delivering an all-inclusive range of supply chain services.

Our assessments have resulted in cost savings of up to 53% of our clients' supply chain costs. Global4PL's experience has saved 94% of our clients money.

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July 2009
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