Wanted: Successful Leaders With Heart And Purpose
Not Only For Shareholders, But For All

SergioRetamalAs President of the GSCLG, I am delighted to present this year's awards edition of the Global Supply Chain Review. This month the GSC Review showcases the CEO of the Year, who has made the most significant contributions to the advancement of the supply chain industry.
In this issue we have also selected a great article on organization change. Why are these two related and why do we care? Culture change, be it at a personal level or in this case, at a global level, is created, changed or maintained by what we choose to hold true. If we only emphasize in making money, we will get individuals like Madoff and corporations like Enron, neither of which have any interest in others, but only in themselves.
When we celebrate business leaders with vision, passion, and care for their customers and employees we are rewarded with great leaders like PepsiCo's own Indra Nooyi. Such leaders balance the pursuit of the shareholders' value while ensuring that its customers get great products and employees get their dues as well.
The difference between those who profess to lead and care and those who do are their actions. If we recognize responsible actions, we will perpetuate an environment where strong leaders are the norm. If we don't value notable contributions then those who lead will remain exceptions to the rule. How many CEO's can you name who are capable of providing a balance between their obligations to be profitable and to do well for the community, the country, and the planet?
Being able to take care of your customer, employees, and the planet is not an easy task and leadership at this level deserves to be highlighted. But I would also give a bit of personal information on this subject. Leaders like Indra Nooyi demonstrate their sincerity when they go out of their way to ensure that the recognition does not fall on their shoulders but rather on the shoulders of all the employees who, day in and day out, are working to develop a great product and a better world for all of us. Such leaders share the spotlight; they give credit where credit is due.
Recently, we have been hearing corporate malfeasance after corporate malfeasance. Those who have stolen not just funds, but trust, dominate the headlines. Let's make room for something good to inject itself into our daily news intake. Let's celebrate this year's CEO of the Year and recognize her leadership.
If we support and reward leaders who care about their customers, employees, and environment as much as they do about profit, then all of us win. With this in mind we honor Indra Nooyi of PepsiCo and look forward to honoring many more like her in the future. Ms. Nooyi deserves this award and we deserve leaders that drive successful corporations with heart and purpose not only for shareholders, but for all.
Sergio Retamal
President, GSCLG
Publisher, GSC Review
July 2009
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