Message from the President of GSCLG

Sergio RetamalAs President of the GSCLG, I am delighted to present this special edition of the Global Supply Chain Review. This month, the GSC Review showcases the second of a series of icons in the world of Supply Chain.
We have aligned the most influential, accomplished, and renowned executives from some of the better known corporations worldwide. As I've said in the past, we seek those individuals who have made the most significant contributions to the advancement of the supply chain industry at the same time helping their companies' bottom lines. In other words, these are the individuals that will inspire both veterans and new hires in supply chain. These are the type of professionals most people would like to be when they reach their professional goals.
We are extremely pleased to be able to present this time an interview with Michael A. Massetti, Vice President, Supply Chain, of AMD, Inc. Michael has a superb set of skills ranging from global supply planning, inventory management and control, order management, fulfillment, and supply chain management to global procurement and quality. His leadership skills are exercised not only on the job, but also in his contributions to being green both individually and at AMD.
Michael has had a superb career at a senior level at companies such as IBM, Tekelec, Lucent Technologies, Dell Computers and at present, AMD. These companies have provided him the challenges and opportunities to make him one of the better known icons in our industry and a champion of green supply chains. His accomplishments deserve recognition. Most recently, Michael was a recipient of the 2009 Top 25 Supply Chain Executives Award from the Global Supply Chain Leaders Group.
We are excited to give you the second of many important supply chain interviews. We will do our best to keep searching globally for those leaders that deserve to be singled out. I ask you to send me the names of those you would like to be profiled so we can learn from their views and accomplishments. We've already received a few names after publication of our October edition and we have a great lineup of individuals coming in the next few months.
We celebrate supply chain leaders with vision, passion, and care for their customers and employees. These leaders provide the value shareholders' deserve; they ensure that their customers keep moving forward while dealing with global challenges affecting the day-to-day operations.
As we said in every edition, if we recognize great performance and leadership potential, we will promote our capacity to lead both operationally as well as at the C-level. As senior-level supply chain leaders, the senior executives featured in our magazine should be recognized by their peers and by the industry. We hope to see them growing and becoming the future CEOs that we all deserve and admire.
We are honored to present Michael A. Massetti, Vice President, Supply Chain, of AMD Systems, Inc. and look forward to honoring many more like him in the future.
Sergio Retamal

Publisher, GSC Review
President, GSCLG
November 2009
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