Global Shippers Consortium: The Power of Group Purchasing

The Global Supply Chain Leaders Group (GSCLG) has launched the Global Shippers Consortium, which enables its members an opportunity to achieve significant cost reductions on global supply chain expenditures.
If a company is already a member of the GSCLG, membership to the Global Shippers Consortium is automatic. There is no cost to become a member of Global Shippers Consortium. A company will enjoy the benefits of the Consortium's negotiations and it may choose to participate, or opt out, at any time.
About Global Shippers Consortium
Global Shippers Consortium offers small, mid-size, and large businesses a significant opportunity to negotiate transportation rates by combining the membership volume and spend. The additional purchasing power will reduce costs in key expense categories such as international and domestic transportation and corporate travel expenditure. Global Shippers Consortium successfully combines the buying volume from companies into a single, multi-million dollar purchasing group. This considerable buying power enables Global Shippers Consortium to negotiate large-volume pricing contracts, as well as increased service levels for member companies through their expert content and negotiation consultants.
The contract pricing is based on a multimillion dollar aggregate volume, which assures discount levels virtually impossible to obtain by an individual company. However, each Consortium member is free to use its other service providers.
Strict confidentiality is maintained because the Consortium does not share individual members' pricing information.
The Benefits of Group Purchasing
Members benefit not only by receiving significant discounts. Through a selection of personalized services and tools, members receive unmatched savings of both money and time. Each member will gain the following benefits:
  • Up to 75% cost reduction on transportation spend by utilizing the Consortium's expert negotiation personnel
  • No minimum purchase requirements
  • Effective streamlining of company purchases
The Power of Group Purchasing - Strength in Numbers. Join us and save.
Contact: andrea.kostelas@gsclg.com before December 31st for a chance to save substantially.
November 2009
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